Less Is More

Less Is More

Our Perfect Weight Loss Plan

  • Effective weight loss and fat burner
  • Natural Antioxidant.
  • May suppresses appetite.
  • Supports Immunity and metabolism booster


Love Your Body

Look and feel your best. Less is More is our appetite suppressant, weight loss enhancer, and fat burner supplement. Created to boost metabolism, increase energy, and lose weight while supporting the detoxication and purification of the body. 

We combined 4 of the most popular and effective formulas that make this weight loss supplement extraordinary to help individuals shed those unwanted pounds. Now you can slim down, cleanse your digestive system, increase your natural immunity, and boost your metabolism to keep you feeling your best. 

We formulated this high-quality product with potent ingredients. Raspberry ketones that help break down the fat within cells more effectively promote the body to burn fat faster and balance your metabolism while regulating your colon. Green coffee bean for energy and to help fight hunger cravings throughout the day. Garcinia cambogia blocks your body's ability to make fat, reduce fat, and can help keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check. We also added the fantastic superfood benefits of green tea, a powerful antioxidant that boosts brain function and assists in weight loss.

Less is More increases serotonin levels for better sleep, better mood, and helps lower cholesterol levels.



I think everyone has felt insecure about their body at times. Never forget it’s things inside of you that make you fabulous.

Garcinia Cambogia

The Garcinia Cambogia plant is Native to India, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. The benefits of this ultimate weight loss superfood suggest that it can help detoxification reduce fat while increasing metabolic rate. 

Green Tea

The origin of green tea began in China. This superfood is packed with antioxidants acting as a stimulant to aid fat burning, give the body energy, and boost metabolism, which is key for weight loss. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Vilma Salinas

I don’t know yet nothing is happening to me yet. I think something is giving me a little bit of energy but not sure.

Product is great!

Excellent experience. LOST 3 POUNDS IN 1 WEEK AND FEEL GREAT!!!!!!!!! Product matched the description, pricing is great, ease of purchase, and quick delivery. Will recommend it to all of my family and friends who need to drop a few pounds!

5 stars

Losing weight is now easy! I've been taking Less is More for about 1 month now and I've lost 6 pounds. I'm going to be ordering another bottle. I will keep you all updated. So far So good!! 5 stars here! 🙌

Carla Armstrong
Lost weight naturally!

Good flavor and easy-to-follow pills that made me lose weight.
This product really gives me a lot of energy.
Works well for me.
Fast shipping.
It's a great supplement to your diet and exercise routine.

More Energy

Only been taking this a week already and I feel less bloated and have more energy so far loving them and will be re-purchasing 💚