Less Is More

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Less Is More

Our Perfect Weight Loss Plan

  • Effective weight loss and fat burner
  • Natural Antioxidant.
  • May suppresses appetite.
  • Supports Immunity and metabolism booster


Love Your Body

Look and feel your best. Less is More is our appetite suppressant, weight loss enhancer, and fat burner supplement. Created to support metabolism, increase energy, and lose weight while supporting the detoxication and purification of the body.

We combined 4 of the most popular and effective formulas that make this weight loss supplement extraordinary that may help individuals shed those unwanted pounds. Now you can slim down, cleanse your digestive system, increase your natural immunity, while supporting your metabolism to keep feeling your best.

We formulated this high-quality product with potent ingredients. Raspberry ketones help break down the fat within cells more effectively, promote the body to burn fat faster, and balance your metabolism while regulating your colon. Green coffee beans for energy, and to help fight hunger cravings throughout the day. Garcinia Cambogia blocks your body’s ability to make fat, reduce fat, and can help keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check. We also added the fantastic superfood benefits of green tea, a powerful antioxidant that boosts brain function and assists in weight loss.

Less is More may increase serotonin levels, may enhance better sleep, supports better mood, and may help lower cholesterol levels. It’s all about loving yourself.

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Customer Reviews

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More Energy

Only been taking this a week already and I feel less bloated and have more energy so far loving them and will be re-purchasing 💚

Good Product!

This product has worked well so far. I Usually get sluggish mid-afternoon but this helps with my energy levels. I have felt less bloated and have noticed that it helped me feel less hungry between meals. I would recommend upping water intake. Water is such a great aid in weight loss. These pills have also helped burn fat and I have seen such a big difference in my stomach area, toning up and slimming down. I do recommend these.

Big Help!

This product works great! I’ve lost 9 pounds already. But, the pills are not magic. In order to actually lose, you’ll need to change your eating & exercise habits. They are to HELP you lose weight, not MAKE you lose the weight. But all in all, these are one of the best I've tried so far.
My honest review- Loretta.

Linda Hendricks
Wonder Pills that Work!

I am on my third bottle and I take one or two a day. I sometimes change it up depending on how active I will be or my overall mood in general. I know that this supplement, Less is More is helping me. I feel more energetic but without the crazy sugar highs and sugar lows! They have also helped with my appetite. And there are no “racing heart” issues. What is really important is I haven’t gotten sick once since taking them so I think it has also helped my immune system! I feel better when I take these. I just do. I will never be without these wonder pills!

Works Wonders

This product is helpful in suppressing my appetite. I am able to control my eating and have lost some weight. Been taking this product for 3 weeks now and I really like what it does to my body! Will order more.

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