Fountain of Youth

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Anti-aging Collagen Protein Blend

  • May Support soft, smooth glowing skin.
  • May help with fine lines and wrinkles.
  • May Supports healthy bones, teeth, hair and nails.
  • May Supports skin’s hydration and elasticity.
  • May Support muscle recovery and joint lubrication.
  • Collagen Protein Complex Type I, II, III, V, X


Forever Young

For thousands of years, humans have been trying to reverse the signs of aging and hold on to those younger years of youthful energy and glow. The body naturally produces collagen, but as we age, we begin to make less, and less this can result in the many visible signs of aging. Multi collagen protein complex type, 1, 11, 111, V, X, gives your body the building blocks needed to minimize cellulite, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and fight the signs of aging. The key ingredients in our Fountain of Youth are essential to the health of your skin. Our hydrolyzed collagen peptides contain only proteins from 100% raised chicken eggshells and wild-caught fish. Fountain of Youth extracts are shown to improve absorption drastically; this means more bioavailable collagen per serving than any other leading brand. Multi collagen protein complex type, 1, 11, 111, V, X, provides more optimal results for anti-aging, skin, hair, nails, ligaments, and tendons so you can look and feel beautiful at every stage of life.

Fountain of Youth, to help maintain youthful, radiant-looking skin for years to come. Slow down the aging process with our everyday beauty regimen pill.

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Customer Reviews

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WOW 👍👽⚡💊💎

Based on multiple reviews, I hope to see an improvement in my skin and joint pain. I've tried other types of collagen, but this product seems to cover I, II, III, V, and X. After taking this product for about one month WOW! I feel the difference in my joints. My skin is much smoother too. Fine product.

I like this product

I'm a 67-year old male and I have read that collagen is supposed to help with skin and nails. So I started taking this. It's been now for over 30 days and it's amazing how different my skin has become. I intend to stay with this product

Needed relief

I love this product. I have arthritis in my knees and by using this collagen 5 supplement I get a lot of needed relief from discomfort. I also love the packaging.

Debra Russell
Everyone needs collagen

I did my research and this supplement is made with the top-recommended ingredients. There are no artificial additives. It is made in the USA. The price is medium like some of the other collagen brands but well worth it. My skin and hair seem to have improved since using this product and my fingers don't tighten up like they used to. Everyone needs a collagen supplement. I recommend Foutain of Youth.

Max a Million
Good collagen

These capsules are very easy to swallow and it actually doesn’t have much of a taste. Seems to be working. My wrists don't hurt as much when I toss the football. I like them. Good collagen. Will be reordering.

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